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16763walked on the beach & heard, in some lull of the storm, avoice, seen a vision, & so inte mounting thepulpit interpreted the[?]senseless& made public how simple everything is, & it is - to love, to worship,Mrs. MacNab, continued to muddle things up down below.& drink & gossip down as before.: &[?]s[?] And it seemedas if the true duty of it were in the muddle & ofun & inexplicability of things, the struggle & the wearinesstiredness, the search the a that she discovered notthose reasons which she never divulged for carryi openingthe windows & dusting the bedrooms: as if her message to aworld now beginning to burst into the in wvoluntary/loveliness of spring were somehow transmittedrather by the lurch of the body & the leer of her smile, by herthan by & in them were the broken syllables of arevelation more profound, but confused, but moreprofoundthan any accorded to solitary watchers, pacers on thebeach at midnight,The comma is written over a period. [Shillingsburg, P.] anguished so [?] preachers &diviners.

Yet to them, too, as the evenings lengthened again,there came the strangest intimations, as if thesuthe most authentic beckonings,as if, in the sunset &the sunrise, in the windy evenings,voices awhen itthey wereseemed as ifsomethingThe only thing actually cancelled is 'thing' but sense suggests that 'something were' was replace by 'they were'. [Shillingsburg, P.] were hailingthemout theof their flesh, to a &that flesh werestreaming down thewind, & theymust needs flywith arms stretched to thewild gleaming shining west, or the dancingstars or the m merriment of the waves.It seemed as if the wave were them, break soproudly arching, so splendidly sweeping, & thein their own themselves, as if in all this A wavy line & a hasty horizontal stroke together appear to cancel everything from 'splendidly' through the end of the page. [Shillingsburg, P.]theirrepressible