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15233escape is cowardice & the wind nothingness, & the furniture all.& these chinks & crevices which might tempt anyone of them, in thethis immense darkness, & sleep, which might temptingThe word 'tempting' was originally 'tempt'; the 'ing' was added later. [Shillingsburg, P.] anyone to believe in escape & try it are the cloaks of superstition & deceitThe covering of the silly brood of timid fear & reverence, terror, sloth.&The darkness increased, until at last on the beach, when thewaves broke they too seemed like night shaking her head back,& despairinly lettig'despairinly' and 'lettin' or 'lettig' seem to be hasty truncations of 'despairingly' and 'letting'. [Shillingsburg, P.]