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14825She could feel him keep watch on her thoughts,& beginning, directlyraisingthey turned a way he disliked, to fidget;putting his hand quickly to hishead.(from his knee to his head)

Very well. If he thought it wrong to be pessimistic, he knewbetter than she did.But the other thing she found so difficult -to tell him thatshe loved him.moredemonstrativeexpressing her feelings. ?N ?To He was so much simpler, so muchmore less hesitating than she was; so that it was easy for himit was always he who began, began it; & sometimes he would[?] reproach her. A very hard hearted w heartless woman he wouldcall her. He would say she snubbed him. But it was not so - itwas not so. When she thought how Had he not given hereverything, so that, ?intently, ?on as And was she not stupid &ordinary & rather dull compared with him? &onlyshe cd.not sayHe knewit was notso -What shefelt.And did it not always seem to herHe knew it was not so.someDid he know know it? She must write her letters -SheAfter all,When theyHad he no crumbs on his coat?to the [?]Was there nothing she could do, & so on to avoid spea talking?She never could say thing she felt.So, getting upshe stood at the window, with the reddish brown stockingstill knitting, & watching the light from the lighthouse.Now it was so dark that the sea, on either side, seemed likeblack marble. It came & went; h direct & strange, &over the sea, like aknew

And she thought felt perfectly certain that hewhatof&was watching her, & she knew that he was thinking her,The more beautiful than ever, & she knew that it wouldgive him exqu ?great pleasure could she turn & say to himyou have made me so perfectly happy; you havebut no: she could not do it;was not necessary to say anything; & that it wasshe knewthat hewishedhim totell himhow sheloved himEnough for her to turn around with her knitting, smilingbecause she had known he & she turned round, with herknitting, & smiled at him, because - oh of course she wasperfectly right; she he knew what she felt: & she need onlysay to him: "Yes: its going to be wet tomorrow".