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14315For, she felt, in a way which she could not describe, Here isthe thing itself - her mother being to her having only to appearto make Prue feel that what they had been playing at was now[?] ordered; their going sanctioned, or if not, condemned,& as nobody else in the kingdom had Mrs. Ramsay for amother, this was Minta's great chance, & Paul's - Andher beauty, too, to Prue, always seemed to be saying to them all,stamp the moment, & she was a little afraid of her, &actually toennoble it,was her slave, & would never grow up [?] or leave home, withher there, & never wanted to, but only to come out into thehall & see her coming downstairs, & say to her,

"We thought of going down to the beach", & hear herhearseesum up the position instantly, ha debate it, should they go, orshould they not go? & ?then decide with that mood ofrevelry & [?rather] which was delicious in her, [?] & made herthe soul of any junketing, yes, it was quite right to go down tothe beach; & why not swim, & why not catch a fish ... sayingshark?which she pulled Mintas fastened Minta's cloak about her,thensaying& really would have liked to come with them; butno: there was William Bankes; there was her - her husband,she meant; she meant to, she wanted to sit down in aparticular chair, under a particular lamp, & taking up herknitting - a book take up her book.

They must really not be late she said.

Had anybody got a watch?

Paul Rayley of course had a beautiful gold watch,which he took out of a little washleather bag; & seeing thatbag, Mrs. Ramsay felt how extraordinarily lucky Minta was -to marry a man who kept a watch in a bag; so shewent into the drawingroom.

Slightly annoyed about Andrew