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31& still she was perfectly safe208160

William Bankes was praising the Waverly novels.Thensnatched his chanceCharles Tansley, like a dog let off the chain at last,denouncedthem As the son of a chemist, the grandson of a fisherman, herushed in - allbecause Prue would not be nice to him; &denounced them;when anybody it was all when he knewnothing about it,nothing whatever, Mrs. Ramsay thought,like AllThe world was so divided, she thought; observing, ratherthan listening, for itwas the way people said things, not theactual things they said,which convinced her. conveyed to her theaptitude or their aptitudeor disaptitude & you had only toto see tellhear the him layingdown the lawabout the to know how it washopeless forever,how he knew nothing, nothing whatever, butthen, nithat he did not know, hadhow he was amongthose whose the natural enemiesof all painting & artswriting, for which she bore him no grudge.No. Forthen they were free to do other things; &, if it was unfortunatethat it young men of his type were necessary; & [?] if it wasunfortunate that & did hindered the progress of the worldthat they had these limitations yet it was enviable, too, & leftso that she had never known it freed them; & lent him thatfierceness, that power, which that which issuing as it didwhich might issue in a love of ?his mankind, qualified as thatseemed to be inevitably by his hatred of the arts - Andthatsomebody, not Prue, would be kind to him, & then she felt,again he will not say all day long "myone momentwill be"my dissertation;" the next, "my grandfather" - but would,well, he would never be in the least like Mr. Carmichael -For he was chanting somebodies poem, why she did not know