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23tohSuch was the complexity of things.For what happened at the Ramsays wassimply Lily, especially atthe Ramsays was to thinkwhat shecould not say, Indeedittwo things at a time, one the opposite of the other,as now; love is thebeautiful, but sothat I tremble on the verge of itthrowing myself into the flame; but also despicable;it is also the lowest &vilest of passions, so that a niceunder itsyoung man, with a perfect profileprofile is instantly becomes arough, a bully under its influencewith acanethe Old KentRoadHe was like a man whobreaks open the doors of timid maidenladies & bra or swaggers in a suit or corduroys down somebackstreet in Whitechapel.Now, Lily thought, Yet Lily knew,how from the dawn of history odes have been sung to Love,& garlands wreaths hung round it; & how yet if you asked nine women outof ten what they desired they would say; 'love'; yet meaning allits ?wreaths, itssores, itsthe time that there was nothing they abominated more, ortedious,thought more puerile, &inhumane, like the The truth liesbetween the two, she supAs for the truth,What then was theAnd thetruth then?Something she supposed between the two - &she supposed; & luckily there was no compulsion upon her toalwaystell it.All her life she would say one thing &what otherit waspeople said.It was safer, simpler,& so frightfully difficult toForbe quite sure what one meant.For it wasYes, she didfeel moved by Paul, Minta; she could not deny it. liked them[?] immensely, both of them - : it was very beautiful

Mr. "There is, said Mr. Bankes, That liquid the Englishsaid Mr. Bankescall coffee", - a remark that roused Mrs. Ramsay tothe depths of her heart, & was broug led directly tothe allied but more agust august questions of pure butter &uncontaminated milk; as her sons & daughters were aware,for sSpeaking with emphasis & eloquence, as if she hadnever mentioned the subject before,she described the iniquityof the English dairy, was about tosubstantiate her argumentwhenwith charges whenyells & peals, the all roundthe table, beginning with Andrew,in the middle, like a fire[?]