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21But this was to be kept secret from Minta. so that he loweredturnedhis voice, & avertedhis eyes from that where she sat, by Mr.Ramsayhave

Lily would have liked to have taken vowed violently  believingoutrageously her that she wouldhelp him; only hoping thatshe would be the one, in the early dawn,to light upon the brooch,on the beach, & then be included among thesailors &adventurers, the those who havesacrificed, cast adrift, & gonehoisted their sails.

But what did he reply to her offer? She actually saidcome [?with]with an emotion she seldom let appear,Do I Let me help you&He laughed. Perhaps he meantyes or no - Either perhaps.Butit was an odd chuckle. So entirely regardless of her:so as ifhe had said Throw yourself over the cliff if you like; as ifhe had said - Lily found herself veering violently awayagain in the opposite directionturned the heat of loveupon her cheek, & scorched her, where she had seen only thelovelybrilliant flame: theheat of love, its horror, its cruelty, itssavagerytreachery, itsunscrupulosity.Lily looked at Minta,at the other end of the table;being charming; be in the centre of her golden haze, &could see her, shrank for her, trembled for her, exposed to theheat of love;this horror & this savagery.For it is awful, love;flowerWhat quite like a deer gashed, or atree felled; &then, seeing the m salt cellar, she remembered with a start,how she was to move the tree in her picture to the right:shethank Heaven, she breathed, such an& So escaped, & so soneedrejoiced, & thanked God that she was not tomarry anybody evenPaul Rayley.She had her painting. And thedetestable passion,which the unscrupulous, the demented, thefloodsbut might paint. might escapethe horror of brutalitywhich this estimable passionlets loose upon the world,its