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19They agreed. How happy she seemed, for bein Mrs. Ramsays Herexaggerations gave her a sense of extraordinary happiness. happiness.She was spurred on by some inner exhilaration: oneEnglishsaid

"Any little French Inn," she was saying -& Lily laughed at her. How childlike, how absurd - yes, Mrs. Ramsay wasoverpowering. Sh always she got her own way Its Lilythought that she had brought off this now - Paul & Minta were engaged -& she was perfectlyhappy.& it seemed her doing.She put a spell on people. Why Lily

"How did Minta felt it - the She felt PaulRayley sitting there silent; under that spell; that for it wasMrs. Ramsay's doing that too - there that deep, that inarticulate,?glowingthat glowing terrifying attractive male silence - Mrs. Ramsayexalted that; worshipped that; & acknowledged that as thelight of life, its & the way he kept looking across at Minta,&his tremor, his abstraction - Mrs. Ramsay sanctioned allthat, worshipped that, & would in her having achievedsomehow laughthatproceed tolead her victims,garlanded, to the altar.But Lily did feel it, herself:she felt it really too much. Shefelt inconspicuous, insignificant,sitting beside Paul Rayley; &like aAnd she felt it herself.She felt more emotionallyhow inconspicuous she was by his side; he, glowing, burning;she aloof, satirical; he bound for adventure; she moored to thebanks; he, in some way launched, incautious, given; & shesolitary & unillusioned; left out, unclaimed - she wasready to implore a share in hisif it were disasterin his disaster & said

"How did Minta lose her brooch?"She was repaid by the most exquisite smile; veiledof course Paul Rayley knew; by memory, tinged by dream,for clearly

But I shall be up early & find it