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7of the Bacchus - in short of nothing -of the bunch that hangs over the shoulder of Bacchus, or is amonglion skins leopard skins & torches wavering gol red & gold.It was odd, Mrs. Ramsay thought - her power of with her hands; &?Th pr in her pride, she saw how Mr. Carmichaels eyesfeasted like bees upon the sight, plunged themselves into it, &broke this &that from itreturned from it laden with gold to his hive; to make money from,while she & all For now they were all lit up; - the&werefaces on either side of the table had all been brought nearerin the candle light; & composed, as they had not been in thetwilight, into a party round a table; while outsidewasthe night was outside; & separated off by panes of glass whichfar from giving any accurate view of the hedge, or of theurns, changed them, & rippled them strangely so that it seemed asin the midst ofon an islandif, safe & dry the company sat at table, surrounded bywavering waters sprinkled with lights.It is

It has suddenly become unreal, thought Lily Briscoe,trying to account for the feeling of exhilaration which hadtaken possession of them; & thinking how it was partlylike the scene on the tennis lawn over again, & waswhen they were all so light hearted, & was partly due to thequeer lighting - these little candles in the large, sparely&?soft brightfurnished room, & the uncurtained windows;to the transparencywith itspale green?wallsall the faces inof the lights, when in came - several things: First MintaDoyle; then Janet with a large earthenware pot; thenPaul Rayley; & then the little Swiss girl, with [?]more dishes; & Paul Rayley came & sat between herthe candlelight& Mrs. Ramsay, Minta Doyle,all of which hadto be set down, that is the dishes hadto be arranged;Minta & Paul had to find their places (he between ?her ?&Mrs. Ramsay; she beside Mr. Ramsay) & Mintathey were both frightfully nervous.

"Poor Minta lost her brooch" saidMrs. Ramsay instantly.