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313of the whole machine, so he would explain to his dear friend Andrew,bearing nobody any malice, comp never complaining of injustice,& interested in his own case as in that of another;among all these obstacles & impediments he had found only onesure panacea to twiddle his ?longthumbs before replying to a questionlet yourself be driven to

Never speak in a hurry: he advised Andrew.He had adopted the Burmese habit of twiddling his thumbs;theBurmesehabit& that he had found very helpful. & so had never before& thisreplying to a question.You could not be forced to say what youmight regret having said lat later in reply to a question.for 3 years& thus to avoid being led intoprecipitate statementswhich is onewas apt to regret. later.There [So with his soup, so with hisacrostics, so with his poetry;he was not precipitate.Helet ideas simmer, & then crystallise. ] He met a bear, on a wherepass in the Himalayas, a morehasty man would havebeen inclined to action, he remained still, the stationarymeeting a bear on a pass in the Himalayas, he hadremained stationary!And so with his acrostics;with his poetry.He did not hurry himself. He liked the sound of words.He believed that He bade Andrew listen to the sound of words.He translated Persian into English. What did But here again hewaited allowed the words to comeof their own accord. He hadbeen told that people wrote thingsin a flash. He beggedAndrew not to believe it. The processOften for months at atime he did nothing.Then it was better to do nothing -Buthe had (he confided the secret to Andrew only,who alonevisited him in his sunny room, &was shown the sacredsome highlysacredtooths -amulets -silk cords relics in a little box such as one keeps studs in)then he had seasons of inspiration.He wrote They wouldespeciallycome, inconveniently, on at Lords, watching the cricket.They seldom came in winter.They never lasted long.But, when they came,might have beenseen [?] his large ?broadin thanksgiving for his inspiration.They would beMr. Carmichaelhead to the sky of St. Johns Woodpublished shortly.But he did