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309He knew by some curious physical sensation, as of nerves erect, thatan  of some attack uponhe was jealous of in some obscure way; afra anxious todefend his own life work, his science; & therefore not entirely openmindedfair to this young man Tansley & his view; for Tansley seemed tobe saying to them all How you have all wasted your lives.Tansley seemed to be rather a cocksure young man. But of course,Mr. Bankes allowed, he had courage on his side, & youth.ButIt is,Howeverthe immediate question wasMr. Bankes asked observed tothat ishimself, what the decay of religiousbelief has been responsiblefor much of this (that there is no St. Francis:no gr leader of socialreform) & if at Mr. Ramsaystable one began thinking ofthe decay of religious belief, one looked, at least, at M.Mr. Ramsay.

That the destruction What indeed was he thinking?this Not a combatant himself, Mr. Bankes had faith inRamsay, who But at this moment, at this precise moment,Mr. Ramsay's face expressed nothing but protest & even horror.At what catastrophe? Poor Mr. Carmichael had askedfor another plate of soup. Leaning back, he hadtouched the maids arm,& requested, that his plate should be?dinreturned to him, full.And she had given him his plate.And he was now addressinghimself to his second helpingwhen one, accordingto Mr. Ramsay, wasmore than enoughfor any human being;when the process of drinking soupwas distressing:when he slobbered it over his whiskers.when of all things,Mr. Ramsay detested hanging aboutwaitingfor people to finish.This was in his face,nextundisguised;& at any moment he might saysomething:saying it[?] eyesthough noBut He was capable of it.Like a pack of hounds hiswords flew like smoke ontop of his emotions.But -Mrs. Ramsay had told himof that story about beggingeighteenpence to buy tobacco.He should have hissoup in peace then:he should gorge & guzzle to his heartscontent then; but nobody knew - so