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285she yetWould Mrs. Ramsay like to see them?thinking

No, no, said Mrs. Ramsay; remembering that she had notwhatevernothing to say to Mrs. Carey. in the flesh.How strange - they were alive.For Mrs. Ramsay con found itvery difficult to think that the Careys would have been living allthis time, without her thinking of them. How full, how eventful,her own life had been,these last twenty years, fifteen years:[?]Hadtheyneverthought of herIt seemed to her quite impossible that Mrs. Carey hadnot heard a word of it.must have heard of it: but no:

"People soon drop out" said William Bankes humorously;guessing Mrs. Ramsays thought. He did a could not helpfeeling a little gratified. Here was he, knowing them both;he stayed with the Ramsays:he stayed with the Careys.That seemed to show that he moved in more circles than one.That seemed to show that he had kept?MbothHe was a littleamused; & gratified too; for did he not knowtheRamsays & the Careys?He knew them both.didit not seem to give him a superiority - &, he reflected,&made a pointD He wa moved in more circles than one, he thought,approvingly; laying down his spoon. He [?] h ynobody could say that he had got into groove; & thusfortified heConsidered openly, what is human life?