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281had ruined Ramsays work. What did a philosopher want with eight children?He should have married a working class woman - for it irked him;here he was staying with them; & he had no change of clothes forthe evening. He ?to did not know the sort of things they talked about -like this "one never gets anything worth having by the post."But one had to do it - & that waswhat LilyBriscoe felt:they had to do ita physical[?]; a?mutualcome over her too.her but she did not want to feel it: howcame on hermathe horror of masculinity:how butOh but she was not afeminist!That was a silly thing to say.Think of Shakespeare.They must get onin the world, she supposed;likeMr. Tansley.They had theirscholarships & their fellowships & theirdissertations, & it was all very well for her, with two hundred ayear safe forever, to moon about with her painting; theyBut forA strong young man - here she was again, just sayingthings she did not believein the least: but she did mean togo on saying them; for she would not be called a feminist, &she knew for a fact that she could not understand thingsthat were plain as daylight to M Charles Tansley.The rate of exchange was one of them.lay down laws for

Now he had to tell this sillycreature that she could not go tothe Lighthouse.

Last night he hadThey buzzedabout one with questions;but they never listened to what you told them.If He had neverin the [?]known a woman who cared for truth.All they wantedwas flirtation in one form or another.And Charles&

What could  she say to put him at his ease.Tansley was quite ready to give them all that sort of thing:but he was not ready to let them spoil his work.