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261March 5th
Mrs. Ramsay

Well, then, she supposed, Nancy had gone with them; Mrs. Ramsaysupposed, wondering, as she surv considered which put down abrush, took up a comb, & said 'Come in' to the littlea tap at the door, (Timothy & Rose came in) whether the fact thatNancy was with them made it less likely that anything wouldlesshappen: anyhow it wasnot likely that four peoplewould be drowned at oncethan


Timothy & Rose saidMildred wanted to know whether sheshould wait dinner.

"Not for the Queen of England" said Mrs. Ramsayemphatically.

"Not for the Emperor of Mexico" she added.And if Timothy liked, while Rose took the message, he mightchoose which jewel she was to wear; for after all, wherethere are fifteen people sittingdown to dinner, it is quiteout of the question waiting - keepingthings hot is tiresomeenough. And it seemed to Mrs. Ramsay,now that she was active,that these people were only inconsiderate,not tragic,thinkingit did not matterhow late theywere,nothing mattered, though, in fact,she particularly wished dinner tobenice, with Mr. William Bankes dining with them; & toshow him she did know how to cook vegetables, she washaving one course entirely having special vegetables speciallya too?a ?ladone for him, &Boeuf a la au Daube, which had beenbeen weighing onMildred's spirits all day.Youstand it in water for twenty fourhours: you add stircontinuously; you add a littlebay leaf, & then adash of sherry:the whole beingnever been beingallowed,of course, to come to the boil.If they keptdinner waitingafter all that, it would be most unfair uponMildred.And then, tonight of all nights, they