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237They turned away from the view, & began to walk up the drive, w pathwhich was bordered with silvery green thick leaved plants,by the flower beds where they grew clumps of spear like plants,?with& soft bones of footstoolsof dull purple [?] flowering betweenthem; & behind on the top of the bank& on the top of the grassyparticularlysparely branched?gently ?round their ?lean [?]ill-kempt bank, tallratherwind-scourgedtrees.He had notShe should not listen to him, he said irritablyShouldthat she shouldHe did not mind her overhearing him; for should?grewShe had retrieved his thought, & answered it;He wd. be an ungrateful brute if he did, he said.didHe was not complaining of his lot: he said. On the whole the worldhad treated him very well. He he had married her.TheyHe did not despair, so long as there was any fight left in him.

He might be might be past some things; he thought, but hehad still a lot of fight left in him. he could still use his brains,?or for the matter of that his fists very sa efficiently; &as they walked by the bank up to the tennis lawn, Mrs.felt how muscular his arm was;Ramsay feltthought how young he was still: howhe was& he held&straightened hisstoop,untamed; how optimistic;though that was the last wordpeople would have used of him; how exhilarated by the prospect ofthese lectures, & a hard winter's work; how controversy delighted him,& how to do p be convinced of all the things of which heseemed towas convinced - the about God, about Hell, & about ignorancefot human idiocy - kept him extr did not depress him, asbut ratherenlivened himother peone might have expected.Was it not oddshe reflected; yes, heoften seemed to hermade differently from anyone else;bornblind & deaf & dumb to half the things most people cared for.on the other hand,did he notice the flowers? No. Did henotice the view? No.Did he notice even care fornoticenotice his da own daughter's beauty,or whether it wasfine or wet? was he not always absorbed in his someHe would sit at table with them all round him & not seem totalk to himsay things to himself. The habit was growing on him, she feared -& she must make a point, though it annoyed him, of