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227said, Mrs. Ramsay, leaving him to his own devices?He had hisknew about thatdissertation to write, said Mr. Ramsay.She had hearda good dealsaidabout that, Mrs. Ramsay, said. rather significantly;Butthen, said Mr. Ramsay, it was all he had to count on.said Mrs. Ramsaystopping to considerher dahlias.At any rate, Prue would not marry him If she did, hewould disinherit her tomorrow, said Mr. Ramsay, but addedthat there was no harm in theyouth: he was not&aboutprepossessing.But ashe wasthe only young man who wasadmireso was so deluded as toread his - Mr. Ramsays -books.But it was a question of Kennedy,the gardener - Shecould never be sure that he planted the bulbs she sentbotherhim.Resolved no to worry her with his own affairs again,Mr. R & priding himself for his forbearance, Mr. Ramsayobserved that the hot pokers seemed creditable.Butthen Mrs. Ramsay had planted the hot pokers with herown hands.If she stood over him with a spade allday long he occasionally did do something.She wasteaching her daughters to exaggerate, he said. Mr Ramsay said.Mrs. Ramsay owned that she had said that ither great Aunt Camilla was far worse than she was.But nobody ever held up Aunt Camilla as a model ofhervirtue, said Mr. Ramsay. Well, she was the mostbeautiful woman of her time, said Mrs. Ramsay.Somebody else wasthat, said Mr. Ramsay.?NonsenseNonsenseHer daughter would be far more beautiful than she was,said Mrs. Ramsay.He could see no trace of thatwhatever, said Mr. Ramsay.Andrew is How proud [?]they would be when Andrew was Senior Wrangler, saidMrs. Ramsay.She had better not fix her heart thoughts uponthat said Mr. Ramsay (But it was he who dreamt of itall night long) she thought examinations so silly -notHe should lookat Pruetonight then,said Mrs.Ramsay.she thought examining boys simply idiotic. Butonly that shepresumably if youwhenhad universities, you had?was forto do it.