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221beauty in hermind but& all its beautywas burnt in her, as in her childrenseyes; such ecstasythere was for her &such irrational joy. of joy,or from wonderat beautybetween them. She passed sometimes out of his reach. He could notwlike to interrupt her For him, there was something awful, suddenly, inNor could he reach her, nor save her, nor protect her even from thenegation of his own miserable importunities: his demands; hisirritability.Hume stuck in a bog & an old woman onlyrescued him on condition he said the Lords Prayer.He snorted out his sudden laugh as he passed her He was not surehow far that story wouldgo down at Cardiff.He would ask his wife her.But he wouldtake her hand & put it to hislips,with hisextraordinary charm,hisextreme sympathy,asking her, toforgive him, saying to herhis directness whichdisarmed her always,& that what could heputting his lips to her hand, hewhether she thought thatMrs. Bowley was would be shocked(For they were staying with the Bowleys at Cardiff)

"Hume grew to be very fat, &It awedhim; itsaddened him;he was