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207But there remained, of course, something else, & Minta was perfectlymade sureright to take time & Mrs. Ramsay anxiously assured herself thatshe had not pressed her; for she was aware of her own masterfulness; &oncehow it had led her once, in the case of AliceM Owen, to an a marriage(for she hadcertainlyinfluenced Alice, -For thatthere remainedrespectnotbut he was in manyways exceptional -one cd. not expecthim toof course one couldnot sayeverything whpeople might saywhat they liked -a man like thatcould not bebothered withsmall worries -it was notfair ?on ?herresults which she had nev never ceased regretting - an unhappymarriage - w - a most unhappy marriage - which was partly herdoing - & she never forgave herself for it - The relation of husband &wife - that was what the It was the taking - The relationship betweenhusband & wife - that remained. That it should be perfectlyhow should she put it to herself? - serious: not frivolous. notnot&momentary, frivolous;that there should be respect between them;integrity onboth sides;for something, she meant, in the relationshipwhichwhatthe sort of thing she had for her husband; only& both sides should feel how for such an after all it was much themost important of human relationships -so that & failurethere, on either side, isis this was something of what she meant, sothat of course Minta was perfectly right,if she had any sort of?eitherbeingedof havingdoubt, on no not account to marryfor the sake ofmarriage, children, orhome or anything, except that union,which alone, Mrs.Ramsay thought, reviewing her eight childbirths, & theworries, & illnesses, & the boots & shoes & stockings &?minor/?mend & the greenhousewanting mending & all& all the anxietystillthe effort [?] it all wassurvived, & made it, evenwithout&did survive (Everydayshe never did let people staying orhousehold brothers preventjust some half hour alone with himStillEveryday)& made it seem worth while.

And it But why had they not come back?There might have been an accident.She saw them gatheringabout the front door; then & then there was Andrew always soIt was crabs.set on getting what he wanted.He was the most obstinate boyHe would climb out onto somerock: & then he would becut off; & thenor there would be one of those dangerous pathson the very edge of the cliff,which she was always terrified of.One of them would slip.For it was ever so late forthem to be out, && So, she read, without allowing her voice to change,is