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183 wisdomWas it tiredness? Was it knowledge? Was there it again?againthe deceptiveness of beauty, or did she lock up in herown person that final knowledge of which certainly LilyBriscoe believed that some people must have; forit was not possible that all people of us should be asor the worddid notexist;little helter skelter as she was, living from hand to mouth,some must know.But if they knew, could they share,givewhat they knewcould they communicate?Sitting on the floor, with herarms round Mrs. B Ramsay's knees,she close as she couldget, she imagined how in the chambers of themind & hearttheof thatother woman who was, physically,touching her,(& shehuggedher knees)stoodwere displayed, like the treasures in the tombs of kings, sacredtablets bearing sacred inscriptions, which, if one penetratedto those chambers one could spell out; but they would neverbeopened orneveroffered, presented, made public. Could one guess hersecrets by pressing close to her? Was there any wayyet devised by passion or cunning forthe]One might press close to her. One might even, takeain the childish way which touch &These tabletsengraved with sacred inscriptions had been written veryslowly year by year; & then sealed; & then locked up, forwhat art was there, known to love or cunning,by whichone [?prised] those secret chambers? Who Did closenessbring one nearer? She held the fingers ofMrs. Ramsaysless like waters poured into one jar, inextricably the same?Did nearness of the body achieve Could the bodyachieve it - mingling its essences, fearlessly & wholly? orcould the mind, brilli su subtly mingling in theintricate passagesof the brain? or could the heart?which desiredin its own way could seem to make ofher & of Mrs. Ramsay but one for the moment, at leasthand; ?or Could  one ask? Could oneWhat device forshared, became ing