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177nothing so solaced her of the in the conflict of life, so eased her of the senseof futility, & miraculously raised all the trivial worry fromher shoulders, as this solemn power. & one no more disturbed it, orinterrupted it then, broke the sunlight lying straight uponthe matting: floor

That people should love other people their kind, in this way,wasthat Mr. Bankes should feel this for Mrs. Ramsay, seemed to herso satisfactory, to beautiful, satisfactory,helpful, [?] exaltingUnder the She wiped first one brush, then another, uponwith a piece of old rag. Some As a woman, too shetook shelter beneath the a reverence which covered allherself toowomen. She felt praised.But, when she considered thebeginning of her picture - & she could not help taking alook at it, after her afternoon's work, walk round thegarden, her picture of the hedge, the wall, & the jachmanna,the she could have wept. was discomforted. It was so bad.Mr. Paunceforte would have seen it all half transparent, ingreys & silver, with spots of green & rose. She saw itdirectlyentirely differently; & her picture was already halheavy & clumsy, - Still if She saw it glaring, staringin greens & blues. And It would never be hung anywhere;& it was a waste of time; & Mrs. Tansleywas always saidpossiblyNowShe recollectedsaying that no woman could paint;to go onpainting:then what she had been going to say about Mrs. Ramsay,when Mr. Bankes inter put it out of her mind, looking as he did;thatshe had been going to say howMrs. Ramsay alwaysseemed to her a led the conversation somehow towards theher funniness. ?That there was the solemn side, everybodyto the funniness ofknew; but didMrs. Ramsay & her being as she wasnot sheltered by this sort of worship; (for two womenwere it was impossible for two women tofor no two women could not shelter each otherworship each other but as could not only seek shelteritwas