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157suspected, & that all this giving of hers was a form ofvanity. For her own self satisfaction was it, that she wished soinstinctively always to help & give - that they might sayof her, oh Mrs. Ramsay, there is no on like you. Mrs.Ramsay, Mrs. Ramsay - should call for her, need her, ask hertofor this & that, to help them, to advise them - did she notsecretly desire all this, & therefore feel, when Mr.Carmichael shrank away from her, not only the horrorof his wounds, his wincing & flinching, & making off,away, alone, to some corner where he did acrostics endlesslyendlessly, but also, humiliated?A petty mindedwoman she was (& oddly shabby & worn & not presumably anowsight for anyone to kindle at) & she had better put her mindinto the story of the Three Dwarfs, & so put [?]& pacify that bundle of sensitiveness - her son James.much of athinkabout theread