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131in the window, bent over the pages of the book which consecrated&& made himfeel secure &protected,this effort of his to arrive at a perfectly clear conceptionof the problem which engaged the energies of his splendid brainintellect.

The splendid intellect had no sort of difficulty, supposingthought to be like the keyboard of a piano divided into somany notes, or like the letters of the alphabet rangedseparatein twenty six letters, in sepa running over those lettersone by oneone after anotherperhapsfirmly in order till say it reached Q.Mr. RamsayhereHereached Q. (And it was then that stoppingstone um which held geraniums; he openedhis eyes again,saw through a veil at a great distance, that vision ofHestoppedmother & child which, seen without any detail,was solike without connection like unconscious children playingon the sh verge of an ocean which they disregardfar far away unconscious, indifferent, like childrenpicking up shells, on the an like he saw them, &deaf to the thunder, & innocent ?as & innocent -ignorant & divinely occupied with the trifles of theirpresentBut after Q?[?] the immediate things.ToAnd now what afterQ what comes ?then then?After Q there are anumber of letters, the last of which is of course Z.But now to reach Z after Q, after Q - to makeMr. Ramsay went back to the beginning; & madequite sure of again to A: to B: to C: & so on:until there he was at Q again, at Q, he madesure of it,plated [?planted] his dug his heels in, feltsummoned the resources of his heroic determination, &attempted R.If Q is really Q then R -HeHere halting he knocked his pipe out, with