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127Already ashamed of that petulance of that gesticulation, of the hands which heprodded hishad made charging at the head of his troops, Mr. Ramsay rather sheepishlyonce moretickled his son's legs, then with a movement whichoddly remindedflinging himselfinto thethrowing his his headhis wife of the great sea lion at the Zoo, turning backwardswater after crunching his fishing, fish, div & wallopingoff intowhere?for [?]water which is atonce rocks with [?] waves fromhisheimpetus,Mr. divedagain into the fading eveningairitwas alair wateralready growingthinner,dimming slightly & taking awaythe substance of leaves,hedges,but letting here a rose, there a geraniumburn softly & bloominglybloom with a the softness of a unseen by daybut as if in return restoring to roses & sweet Williamsathe bloom, which they had not by day.athe lustreof yellow &purpleAnd now,"In June he getsout of tune,Someone had blundered.But how extraordinarily his note had changed! as if he werenow trying over, feathering about, tentatively seeking somenew phrase for a new mood, &, having only this at hand,used it, incongruously & ridiculously, without anyconviction, so that hearing him, Mrs. Ramsay could not but smile.And then, he did & then, after a minute or two, [?] some one hadsank into nonentityblundered petered out, &Mr. Ramsay paced the terrace inup & down up downprofound silence, thinking

It was past, all that gesticulation & excitability, thanks &Herestored to privacy, rendered somehow secure, by the sightwhich he took in once in one moment's revelation (hestaringlooked at his wife & sonfor a second; as he turned,at his wife & sonwithout their seeing it - indeedthey were now bent overTheThea book together). The sight of them together, like ahedgeside or barn, a cluster of horses on a hill, a moat, [?]sheep, seen from the windowof an express train as onelooks up from some absorbing page, which seems toillustrate the poem, to be a ?fortification & to enf illus& to enforce it. -Robbed of all detail, there, motherhoodwhen heed