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103then did one come to any conclusion whatsoever? For it wasall so How then did one approve of any one absolutely; &how then with these - How difficult it was then, how agitating, howextraordinarily part of staying with the Ramsays - to feelshoved taken up out of ones backwater & made tofeel the enormous importance of everything; &how, for no reason whatsoever, suddenly, standing withHow, in thisextraordinaryprofusion ofcontradictory impressions,this mixture ofgood &badMr. Bankes by the strawberry bed, she seemed to see into thethings, into the & how Mr. Bankes had this qualitymanly impersonal strength, which no t one reverenced (LilyBriscoe was so besieged by ?im??? that even thethinking was like following a voice which speaks tooquickly to be taken down by ones pencil; & yet thisvoice says the most terrifically important things,once & for ever) He has that sort of greatness: &but wasMr. Ramsay had none of it.He is vain & selfish & egotistical &spoilt; but he had, what Mr. Bankes had not, afiery unworldliness & austerity, & he knowsnothing about vegetables & salt; & he loves dogs;& altogether life which & his children,& notcaring a straw - did he not put his two coats on theother night, ? - & meanwhile the whole swarm of herfeelings seemed to be roll dancing up & down asthe pear tree boughs, & would be there forever;in a moment of such intensity that Lily Briscoewas positively relieved & uprooted when Mr.Bankes which held it like athat itwhen Mr. Bankes turned. When a shot went off, &flying as it were out of her thought wh. hadexploded of its own intensity came flocks ofstarlings.Their wingswhere hungthephantomkitchen-table