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81something that he had discovered & would explain to friends, Tansley wished for achance that she would give him a chance to show whatTansley felt a delicious sense of ease steal through his veins, bringingwith it courage, & self confidence, & healing lit those pricks &scratches which, without knowing whence they came, he hadfelt in his the last few days, staying with the Ramsays,this exaltation of his own sex was partly the cause of it So great itwas in Mrs. Ramsay's eyes; & He too belonged to the race ofthe great the brilliant the distinguished the eminent; whotranslated b proverbs from the Persia; & lay he shared theirrightful exemption from petty criticism. Only someabout Mrs. Ramsay there was some air of authority, somebrought before him, made him see her in control of things, notdocile by any means, not subservient - no; did they not, infact, seem rather to depend on her, Mr. Ramsay, Mr. Carmichael?a desire to take herbag - [?but] he hashe parasol, butshe wouldn't,exerexacerbating hisself conceitlay on thelawnbrisknessair some air of authority which did not mate