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79It was this: Mr. Carmichael was one of the most brilliant young men of histime; that was in the sixties; he had a genius, a positive genius formathematics. "And then you know," said Mrs. Ramsay, speaking as ifof course Mr. Tansley knew what she knew, & all y men & women ofmature age knew, there was a gir girl, I think at an Inn,where they stayed when they were reading together - a whole partydon'tof young men, my husband was one of them.any harm in herHe I didn't suppose there wasShe was like Annie - my the housemaid: just an a nice country girl."Nevertheless it(but somehow it was conveyed to Mr. - ?a ?kind ?oflike thisTansley that she was just this - a very commonplace girl,&howthat Mr. Carmichael was a very remarkable man & furthwhat was still he married her, & his career was ruined &it was the wife's fault & of course nothing could be expected,when anothing at all, of a man who & of course when amarries it is his wife who is responsible, men being - How could it beotherwise, given this fatal beginning; by regular stages Mr.Carmichael had descended; he did take this drug;done his best; nowthey let him be;as Mr.Tansley saweverybody knew it; her husband had tried; so there he lay, -he came to them indeed every summer, - there he lay, on the lawn,like that, half asleep, yet said Mrs. Ramsay, with her a[?] direct childlike ?warmthinchildlike simplesincerity of belief which instantlyassuaged mollified Tansley, after the way the young?Tan & gave him self-confidence & made him feel more & more veryodd. unusual, pleased, "he has the kindest heart - he stillAll that onecan makeas mightof coursehe does the most wonder difficult problems in his head, &offers to teach the boys Hindustanee - which is notvery useful" she said laughed - Perplexing woman! -with For really, not that there is any use in that'.she reflected. Butto the other sex every merit.She concededheTansley felt that one of these dayshe would like her to seehim, gowned & hooded walking in aprocession; he feltcapable of anything & yetthere were that was by no meansthe end of it. No:He would say she had a will of her own.There was Mr. Ramsay: well: he was not who reallyran things, of the two of them? Who And Carmichael asleep -the lawn; &, - quickened excited, by whatever it was in her&to