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71And that fact made a great deal of difference."And the I daresay the window was open into the bargain"said Mr. Bankes, following Mr. Ramsay, & to the end of the terrace,withBut Lily Briscoe could not help observing first that adeprecationkind of sort of apology, in or uneasiness, on Mr. Bankes' part; adesire which she would not gratify, as the to explain tounderstoodas if he hoped that Lily feared that Lily might be led todisparage the Mr. Ramsay because there were, & he did notdeny it, weaknesses, little weaknesses, little eccentricities;in that but no: Mr. Bankes was had rather credited thegirl with too much sense. He had observed with pleasure theexcellence of her shoes; which without being clumsy allowed theyetwhat was an unusuallytoes their natural expansion, & should f fitted the her(who could withthat so sing-songgoing on beforethem?)that marchinggoing on,that singingThis word might be "jingling",on Sundaythatnoticed how without the least protestation, she went offto Church which, wit in spite of his own view, fosteredthat& a lifetime spent in investigations which tended to thealleven if she did sowoman, & though she had not any special attractivenessdid not strike the eye like Minta DoyleNo, no: Buthe could trust Miss Briscoe to take a [?] what was obviouslyjudge Ramsay come to aeven if she didsomewhat,though notunpleasantly,lack some of themore obviousattractions of hersex.

"A stroll?" he said, feeling in the first place that asome slightchilliness about his ankles, which warned him, fastidious as he was& inclined to view his own health pessimistically, so that,however much Mrs. Ramsay might press him, he preferredto lunch & to dine in his own rooms, where his servantcould be trusted to prepare vegetables in such away as to preserve the natural salt, of That athat the island breezes in mid-September have a bite inthem,And Lily was really glad to put her brushed down; forhewell shaped foot; Further William Bankeshadopposite conclusionssomehow made him think the better of a