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69not with oneIndeed, there could be no doubt about it; she was in love.But with thepersonworld, not one person: with the world that this garden held; its people, its light, its& all that Mr. Bankes said & thus Mr. Bankes had only to recollectto refer to the past, to mention anything connected with the Ramsaysto& Lily ?saw felt that saying seemed to Lily like a silver corda worldattached to a glowing & balloon - another world that is, infinitelywhich was upon which (she lived off the Brompton Road) thegothic towers of the Natural History Museum & the florid solidity ofHarrods seemed to weigh, down The Ramsays world, Mr. Bankeswords were attached a world of from which, rightly, she didnot question it, she was forever excluded. but And yet,as muchthough she felt this, it was part of her charm, & of thehershe th she did not abase herself in the least; kept herindependence; & could view the Ramsay world shrewdly enoughfrom her corner, where, (& to this she was unalterablyattached) she had her she worshipped inhabitant,as as familiar,haunt itthough she might.soaring universeworldindeedsuperior to her own trodden underfoot, trodden dirty, familiar, dull,& constituted the charm of her, that & value & idiosyncracy, that