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63Sept. 3rdMr. Ramsay's pacing ground was bounded on the West northwestby a hedge; on the South East by Miss Briscoe & William BankesLilywho was painting & by M William Bankes who was watching her.Miss Briscoe was not afraid that Mr. Ramsay would knock her downovernor did she expect him to stop & speak to her; but as he marched,or ratherflinging out his hand, as he died gloriously valiantly at the head of histroopsrodeStormed at by shot & shell& died gloriously on the heights of Balaclava,She Miss Briscoe had no fears for her easel, no fears that thestop &suchof feelingsastonishing man would speak to her, but only a mixture so&profound that her whole being quivered slightly | like liquid inliquid in a glass with the laughter, the tears, the amusement, gratitude,&anguish, reverence, [?] something ple & all sorts of feelings which&& glowedwanly& him reciting &the wholeMrs.Ramsaysittingthere inthewindow,staying with the Ramsays & the autumn evening,sitting paintingthing in short bred in her, & seemed to make the littlespray of purple jacmanna against the white washed wall:tooalso quiver.What did he think about? He was the oddestmixture - It was all very well for the How one human beingcould combine such extremes of reason & childishness, couldfrighten one to death just by one word, & then behave worse than -(Mrs. Ramsay tried) butbaby - Lily Briscoe did not know, & then, at once,the violet [?violent]blue againstthe dazzlingwhiteinextricably(for ever associatedwith thismoment)with that with the humility of the uneducated (& shehad no education, & no profession, yet was 33 &would never marry, though Mrs. Ramsay said "Nonsense.but added at once "the unmarried are just as good")as she washumble & liberal she supposed that if you spent your timethinking of the kind of things Mr. Ramsay thought about -which were truth, good, things subject & object. Meaning.The Nature of Reality (here Lily repeated words she hadseen in one of Mr. Ramsay's books, purloined to read, bututterly unintelligible) then, after that, well, it wasprobably impossible to behave like other people.

Mr. Bankes & she had rooms in the village.