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55the extraordinary number of disabilities which seemed to affect him indaily life - his incapacity to inability to find things; to tie remembertie up thingshis tempershisup parcels, to remember histie, or whetherhe had put his tie on, orchanged his coat, concluded quitesimply that here was a case ofbok book learning & greatness & which in the extreme; somethingat once pitiable & venerable:which the casual visitor who waswhopressed a little further & asked others, also who were &took counsel with others similarly puzzled debated this problemoneabout Mr. Ramsay: how the man who was reason personified could also -& they added instances of his could combine such extremes ofreason & oddity; could be at once so formidable & so childish;couldcherish illusionsdenude the world of every marsh & flower, & yet revel in the emotionssimplest sentiments, the which befitted a girl of fifteen.