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47a stone figure; a statue set on a height always to look the depths of thenight in the face; like a with stars in her eyes & purple veils about herhair; this with wild hyacinths, & grey, & white & steadfast,someby virtue of her superior knowledge steadfast where allwhen every the cyclamens & the hyacinths, the asphodels &beforethe wild violetswailing & ?floating, flowing, bowing to the flail of the wind &abasing themselves at her feet; the figure who mourner theby the grave of the unwedded girl; the Helen passing beforethe eyes of the old men; taking to her breast the firstfalleninbuds, & the lambs who have fallen; the vir mother whosearm hollow a arm is security - Mr. Tansley didnot wish to make a fool of himself, & gush over a woman'sbeauty, moreover Mrs. Ramsay was a woman fifty into thebargain, & had eight children. Still it did come overhow extraordinary it was ?as ?tohim at the moment; & take his breath away. And he noticed how,as they walked down the street, he carrying her basket, & sheagain holding the black parasol erect, people just lookedout as she passed, looked at her as if they were startled & thenlooked down, poor men, who were hawking fish, or leaning againstthe wall in the sunshine, looked at her, with the same oddstare; which of which Mrs. Ramsay seemed perfectly unconscious.