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45It was often a matter of considerable difficulty. As it had been herprivilege to help sometimes in these studios.] Thus she unveiled slightly thetreasure chamber of her past, which Mr. Tansley felt certain was such a past ashe most coveted full of interesting people cultivated people; with an& the highest standardWith her sanctioninfallible tastes in art & literature.With Mrs. Ramsay's sanction, he toodismissed the Paunceforte school of mod painting, with its && Mr. Archersatirised the dismissed with a smile, these pictures of greysands & green wa pink ladies which had none of the qualitiesobvious defects, since the painters scamped their work; & did notas Mrs. Ramsay remembered her grandmother's friends doing,grind their colours for themselves, & keep them moist.But her

With all This infallibility in these matters was only what he wasbegan to expect of her she stirred him in him the strangest feelings, sothat when they stopped at a door in a backstreet, & she went in, &he was left outside, he felt upstairs, & he was asked to wait in theusual mahogany crowded room with mats & glass cases downstairs;room abovethe sound of her voice in the invalids bedroom ro above, & her& private &[?]yet solight quick step coming out, & her beautiful cheerfulon the landingsympathetic voice saying whatever something aboutcoming soonagain; & being sure to keep the windows open, & (for thehe thought ofnothing but her;& when heheard herlaughing backsome thanks &woman with all her young children was dying of cancer)& then the change from gaiety to almost rigidthenherre-appearanceamong the mats & ?horsehair,quiet, firm, & sadagain, with an addedfirmness & quietude, no for she toldhim the poor woman with four young children was dying ofcancer,suddenly all suddenly fanned up in him, what forinto one flame ofhad been hitherto a grudging timid flame this astoundingcertainty - [?] her beauty.It was astonishing as she stoodShe too stood against the picture of Queen Victoria in herwidows robes wearing the ribbon of the garter. Now, as theyleft More I Like a figure that had been dredged the depths of thethe surfacesea of bitterness & sorrow & had come to life the surface again withtearseyes pearl encrusted with the tear, & brows starredwith immortality; tears & stars, the mourning &immortality & sorrow,the image of likeforits