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35baulked of that so walking down the l to the fishing village withvery erectMr. Tansley carrying her basket & she holding her parasol above her head,she told him how this wonderful career had been cut short& without blaming the poor little untaught creature who hadthe assurance, -married him, conveyed to Mr. Tansley a conviction which he foundsoothing, consolatory, as balm to the wounds he carried inflicted byno one couldunlesshe was a manWilliam, Lucy, Roger & the others, that of course without being(there need be no harshness,but certainly therecould bequestioningnodoubt)hadhelped & believed in & having the sordid worries of lifedischarged for them, taken off him, no philosopher or poetcould he could notthe impression that the blame must fall on her, not on him; thatfromno devotion could be too complete on a wife's part; that it wastheirindeed a great privilege; that no great work could be donewithout it; that the greatness of man's intellect had her mosthumble & enthusiastic veneration; all of which assuaged Mr.Tansley's own feelings, & yet had into the bargain aafter what he had been throughsoconciliatory an effect that he on him that he felt beginningconciliatory effect upon him, though, as Mrs. Ramsay talkedhe felt that this rash generous woman, with all herenthusiasm, with her light directness, her lightness, &some of the power which she was beginning to exertunmistakably upon him, put upon the whole of theopposite sex an enormous responsibility.He began to noticeThat thisgorged alligatorwho lay on herlawn capable onlyof doing sums inhis head &offering to teachRoger hindustaneewas her doing;which one couldnot ?very callreallyhelpful, toteach theboysHindustaneefor