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17methodlaborious way of life; but she would never seek - was not her hairgrey at fifty, & her cheeks sunk ? but for her own part she wouldnever think worth considering any timid, half hearted way of life, ororevasion, any failure, or to fulfil duties; - & here the severity of her face,increased; to such a degree that She was then formidable tobehold; & it was only in silence that her daughters - Rose, Lucy, Prue -could sport with those infidel ideas of which certainly they hadbrewed for themselves, of a life far lonelier than hers, & lessstrict, of a life, Prue thought, on an island among sea birds, orRose thought, not on an island, but in Paris with painters; &withLucy being the youngest, & scarcely print petticoats scarcelybelow her knee, thought just a life - but in all theira lifenewminds was the same constant questioning of all this beautiful,manly-womanly relationship, its deference & chivalry,humility charity, Bank of England & Empire of India elements,which were its flowing skirts & white hands [?] though to them allthere was something even in this of the essence of beauty; somethingwhich called out the masculine element in all their girlishhearts & made them, as they sat beneath their motherseyes, worship her strange severity, her sim exaggeratednobility, her extreme & lovely courtesy, as of a a Queen's,liketo the who holds out her foot to be washes a beggar's foot,to the atheist Tansley. Moreover, there wasthis wretched little man who had chased them, speakingaccurately to the Isles of Skye.For there could be no two opinions: he was surely