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15For, apart from the fact that they were in the were not in the Hebrides,but in the Isles of Skye, apart from the exaggeration ^ Mrs. Ramsay muchparticularly disliked incivility to her guests onparticularly if they were rather humble rather unattractive younglike this Mr. Charles Tansleymen, on the part of her daughter. All young men, according tohad claims upon her. It might be said indeed that she had takenthe whole of the opposite sex under her protection; & that for reasonswhich she was incapable of explaining or realising, for reasons whichhad no their birth not in her own lifetime, but in her mothers, &even her grandmothers, so that for reasons which wereapart from Apart from these reasons, they for theirchivalry & poetry & valour; for the fact that they negotiated& controlledtreaties, ruled India, created the Bank of England. Nobodycould deny them those achievements; & the if in Butall this gave them a claim upon her for an attitudenobodydenytowards herself which surely any needed no anyone could understanda simple trustful attitude, or fail to find most sympathetic, &trustingsomething trustful, something childlike. something which hadto the marrow?of ?her bonean old woman could take from a young man without loss of dignity, &woe betide the girl who did not feel it, & respect it - Sothisthat when Lucy or Priscilla or Magdalen, suddenlyshe turnedtoo hardshe was severe with too severe with severity upon this the& frivolous speechfrivolous & heartless way of talking the speech which exaggerated.had not chased them;

Charles Tansley had not chased them; he had been asked to come.Instantly before she could even finish the action whichMoreover it could not be denied that there were other reasons.Moreover, there was her husband.She felt that

Her daughters might find a way out of thi perhaps.might find a way of which she had, almost withoutknowing it lost; so that some perhaps simpler, lessabout(a hundred ?&ten whenwhich impliedthat theywerewhnever alone & thathappenedto betruewhich wasif they were, as she called it,poverty stricken unappreciatedif they were