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343& that though he was saying whatever came in to his head, it was very important; notwhat he said, but - again she felt, as she used to in his study,This is all very comfortable right. Everything is all right, so long as he goes onThats all right - thats all right; as if & she could go on thinking;?She& he would see that none of them got lost, or fell down precipices, ortumbled into the sea;a feeling which seizedAnd of theblue ?wallThat was very important.& at the same time, he would be veryWell yes, they'll

They would have enough on their hands, he was saying to Macalisteras to their children he meant,Macalister said that as if he were amused content to be quit of it allAnd yet he did not far from seeming tired or& he talked as if he was even going to it were no concern of his now;yet far from seeming ?to tired, or angry, or out of temper.he seemed quite content, a little amused.He seem laughed indeed, looking at James.

This was were she sunk, said Angus sullenly, thinkingas ifthat they would like to know the exact spot where the schooner witheleven three men aboard had sunk last winter.saidAh, Mr. Ramsay only nodded his head.James & Cam both framed the words,

But I beneath a rougher sea, expecting to hear him burstmuttering & murmuring,as he did, so often, & made themnervous & ill at ease.

But he said only Ah - as if he thought to himself,naturally: there is nothing to say about that. Drowning is aperfectly simple, straightforward affair; & we all come to it; &the depths of the sea, he looked over the side, out ofpoliteness rather than anything, have no terror for me.are after all only water.We need make no fuss aboutthat, he seemed to say. And having finished his h meal