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337Cam looked at him. James looked at him.TheyHis After his immensely long silencethe change startled them.

"Come, my dears he saiddearsomethingthat remainedunsolved overthings thatwent onrunningin hismind.He didit.HeHe had forgotten them completely they felt. He was, for a moment,speeding away very fast, into the setting some conclusionHe wantedHe did not want them, he did not want anything, unless it wasto gather up, veryquickly a few odds & ends;Hesatquitestill.ThenWhen he had done this, he [?]roused himself & said,

Come my dears.It was time they ate their sandwiches for luncheon.He lookedcontentBut, they wondered where were they to come?They ?waitedWhat did he wantthem to do now?They both For a momentit seemed as ifhe were asking themThey were to follow him on an extraordinaryexpedition,they both felt: he was leading them, like an old general in a shot torn cloak -& at the same time they knew that it behoved themto be perfectlycalm. He only meant that it was time they ate their sandwiches.butthis was absurd.they must lunch.They must cut their sandwichesThey were almost at the Lighthouse.SoThey were tied with thread,They must eat their sandwiches -That was what he meant.He gave to each of them a packettied up with ordinary sewing cotton, Cam noticed. for she felt that shewas so excited that she would notice everything now: everythe sewing cotton was odd: [?]was odd;because it was so strange;They were far far out at sea, almost in aout atsea,nearthelighthouse.they were excited; it was unreal, but perfectly natural.They openedtheir packets of sandwiches.It was ordinary sewing cotton;& inside were little ham sandwiches, very lean & neat.