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329men swirling round & round; & the roots of the shore, incessantlywashed incessantly, & rismiles beneath, & then risingintoclumps of trees, houses, gardens, flowers, above.She tho had thought tooabouttyranny & the compact to resist tyranny to the death.Wagging her little finger to & fro in the gunwaleshe acted the effort of herhad thought of the mindmind to be free; & then the tyrant - strangling its freedom - she hadshe hadgrasped her little finger tight w with her whole hand: she had thought of her father ?say

That was what he did to them.He said "I shall expect you to beready at eight o'clock to come to the startYes, but what was he reading, she wondered?He read on, without moving. He was imperturbable.He submittedto theirscrutinyHe wouldunconscious of it. He was It wasthus that heescaped, for she thought, by reason of his great nose, & his greatforehead, & the little mottled book he held, in his hand with thesignet ring. He escaped her. You had your hands on him.And then, like a bird, he spread his wings, & floated serenelyoff to settle, out of reach, on a desolate stump.The breeze had freshened a bit too much, Macalister said.It was They must keep he head well up to the North he said;But JamesItwas doing very well, he was doing very nicely indeed. It waskeeping he very steady, he saidBut did his father hear that, James wondered?For though he could never remember a time when he had not felt,For goodness sake don't stop (suppose his father were walking updown the terrace, for instance, & he were playing on the step)(it wassomethingtohe had felt itwh justnow, aboutthe sea &the lighthouse)he had always felt too thatAl the same,I knowthat too;
what he had feltjust now aboutIt was something to do with the sea & the lighthouse:someSo that it suppose his fatherin virtue of which knowledge,his father's praise, or if his father had praisedhim, or even heard Macalister praising him, he would have been