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2673196th Sept8/.The Lighthouse was now quite close. One could see the windows in thetower, & what seemed to be a little gardengreen in the crevices of the rockA man had appearedon & gone in againcome outthe rock. The breeze had freshened, & now it was a little rougherthan it should have been. a white splinter ofbroken waves showedIt was extraordinary to be ableto see all these things.up against the rock.After having seen it so many thousand times,dim across the bay, it was like clapping a telescope to ones straight & prominent it seemed,glaring white & yellow: A manhad come out, & looked at them, & gone in again.James was excited, he frowned; he lookinged the image of incorruptible justice;(Cam thought;but he hadguiding as if his hand grasping the tiller directed human destiny; & hiseyes fixed on the sail, unflinchingly surveyed the end on which to which theydrove; & yet he was excited. James sat steering.He was very excited; hefrowned; he wouldnot let them see that he was excited.He frowned, but thebut his eyes had an odd blue sparkle in them.Cam knew that heHe knew how to handle a boat.He had keptHe hadshownthather before the wind & Macalister had hardly had to tell himanything a thing. They were flying along now

They were coming to the Lighthouse at last. Why it meant somuch to himyes, after all these years; & but none of them knewwhy [None of them knew why it mattered so much to him]And it was like that. HeThe starkness & straightness of the towerplanted there on a solitary rock miles fromthe landsatisfied him. & seemed to himto be on his side in the warright - what it should ?beagainst tyranny. & It seemed to him that they one was nowabout to start on things for oneself.One had sixty, perhapsseventy years of living before one.One might do anything,go to anypart of the world,& fight this demon, he thought, this devil.The devil was It was in his father most; but it was in Cam too.Look now. For example - yes - that was very like her.She was