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266317But what was strange was that this familiar horror - to want & to want &not to have, then ceased. It was as if like the chair, there, Mrs. Ramsay tooone cd justhad asked to ?be be put on a the level of ordinary experience; & so enjoy her.she sat there,quiet & at herease,Quiet, at her ease, there she sat; & her (it the sh white shape wasextremely like chair as it happened was exactly as she used to sit init) & she knitted without any acute taste, Lily thought, in thecolour of wools;flicking her wrist so, & so; & the wholeroom was filled with that quiet & she smiled, & she seemed to& so looking at her, there came of the thought of her became slowlylit up, ordinary thought it was, with thlike thethoughtof thechair,It became a miracle,it became an ecstasy: - that she should exist. that she had lived,And only whereIt stayed there this before her, while shepainted (for she began again quietly) & grew in until at last,she began to feel herself impelled again, by some instinct beyond herto look for what was it, to be conscious of somefor something - or was it some one?

It was Mr. Ramsay she sought, [going to the edge of the lawn,where (Mr. Carmichael actually nodded benevolently) toher as she passed, feeling in some confusion that she mustsomehow get him into communication with him & tell him,she went past Mr. Carmichael, who nodded benevolentlyto the edge of the lawn, & looked out over the sea.