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265315The white shape moved in the window.She let her brush arm fallto her side.If it was that, & it seemed to her that it was, somehow, Mrs. Ramsay herself,where then was he?Could one press straight incould one hold the scene in a vice; without so that steadily,& let nothing harmful from outside enter in.One wanted to be quite on alevel with ordinary experience. One wanted to feel thats thechair; &thats the table: And yet yes: but also so to seize them thatthe extraordinary fact was made clear for thethey're themselves as they have never exist& yet to feel, its a miracle, its a thing that has never happened before.a vision. a its an ess ecstasy.Ah but then most The white thingwhat unhappily; for she did notsomethingwhat was this ?A movementsome trick flaunt ormoved. She mustmoved - the airjust lifted some flounce: so that her heart leapt out at herseized her & again tortured her: with thatOh Mrs. Ramsay! shecried out, letting her brush fall.It seemed as if she wereactually there againIt was the devil, it was the devil to bethus sucked under, when one had got clear of the wholehorror & terror; to feel the oldThere she was again; in all her force, drag making onestop, even now; seizing one, & letting & yetmaking one feel again the old triumphant invincible power:& how one had loved her; & she And she had gone. There were

But And for a moment it seemed as if all [?] as that hadbeen her were there;And Yet she would neveractually come. Over her lay thatThey were shut off, separatedfrom each other.A