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But it tired her - the plates whizzing, & the doors slamming.And there would fall between them sometimes long tense rigidsilences. when, in a state of mind which Lily resented for her,half plaintive, half resentful, she seemed unable to surmount thetempest with her usual dignity, or to laugh, as they laughed; but(in a tacitytacitdespair)perhaps concealed something.There might be she could notbrave another plate in the air, or fist on the table, but m & sosaid nothing aboutlet it slide - the hid the letter, or said the le bill, or theunpleasant fact - (The wind had ripped the lead off the roof & athedifficulty,So the earwigs grew in size, & he& so thenat last, becoming aware of the & thenButat last, often verylate at night, he would break through with hisdemand (being very puzzled genuinely, & soan explanation.Hewould hang about stealthily about the placeswhere she was -roaming under the window where she might be buy busywriting letters or reading aloud; (& ?& she would pretendtonot to see him; ) until & he would become cra turn crafty &turncrafty -watchful;&& wary & sly,completely master of his temper & his moodsyet be completely master his own temper, & try to win her so; &turn crafty &still she would hold off, now asserting some of thoseprides & airs of dignity a & airs of consciousness to her charm,due to herwhich generally she was utterlywithout, of beauty, of sex,& would was not to be found alone, but had always somePaul Rayley or William Bankes or Minta Doyle at her side; &at length, standing outside the group, like the veryfigure of a lean watch dog, a hungry & passionatewolf which seesa famished but wolf, he wouldsay her name, once, only in a t for all the worldstill she held backlike a wolf barking in the snow, but with a in the snow; &he would ba say it once more, but & this time with somethingof menace in the tone, which would arouse the somedeep instinct in her, making her drop her trivialities at once; but