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243267she remembered at once scene after scene of the mostterrible kind - when James stood there with his sums &argued, & her father argued & they once dashed about the room & shecould only laugh, drawing aside into the window, & look at the peacefulthat [?quiet] quite?sublimelawn, the grass, the flowers & contrast that peace think of thathappiness & this entire complete misery;There ishappiness.contrastingit with themisery here.Still, she was certainthat thereBut then he would be very unhappy.Then he woulddo it again. Then he would be unhappy:but only, James said, & shedid agreed, not unhappy for them.He wasThey were all doomed to misery then. Prue died Andrew died.And Afterwards he was unhappy but not unhappy on their account, James said,ButIt seemed as ifAnd then the door shut, & he was alone with the otherold men, & again she continued, when the door shut &then he would beAnd to help herself to an argument which told in her favour -that he was very different with the other old man,smoking:she glanced at him now.He was reading the usual littlebook with covers mottled like a plover's egg.was

What might be in it, she did not know.It was small, & thelittle pages, which were a little yellow seemed to Cam closelywritten over; with but not with English words; &And she looked up, it was only as a person who is climbingrunning, or riding looks up who is doing so much absorbed inin what he is doing that he can only assure himselfspwho is absorbed in doing something with his now then he& then has to look at the to keep his feet on the stairs, not to beknocked over by an omnibus: but all their mind is on thespecial thing they which feeds them & fills them with an& it vexes them, &escape then. -they chase it,& theyextraordinary indifference to everything else; & wondering what hewas reading, but & feeling come over again that no ifshe happened toshe would like him to approve of her thoughts,but not to know them, she liked this so much, she felt exalted, - shefelt again the tobacco & the peculiar smell of the study, & heardhim say, between his puffs of his pipe she looked back over the the other old gentleman - & thought how, of Macalister was saythat the third ship, sank there.With the men "[?] on therigging"It had gone down intothose blue grey ?waters.