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241263of a piece with his grey clothes, & the pipe which he held in the air & put to his lipswith fine clean gestures something level & grey & quiet: so that it seemedto her to go to him, to sit by him & collect there qu little sayings of his,[?]was to go into a level daylit day light: to see the whole of hertumultuous thoughts lit up, steadily & quietly, with a peculiarsober light - the sight the light that was light itself: & in that,neitherall satire & harshness did existed, nor temper, nor annoyance, norhis extraordinary vanity, nor his peremptoriness, nor his tyranny(she verified each of these qualities by looking at him) but he wasas he was now (she st gazed at him reading that little slipperybook in the mottled cover mo mottled like a plovers egg)