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211215carv cut outlinedHer flickering brown linehad left ?on in the middle of hercanvas a shape,a solid, shapeless, mass; an iceberg; looming, imminentprominent right unrelated, right there in the middle of the canvas.How It was to beseized upon & animated, & given its due weighttouching it at oncesupporting it -depending onit& poise, somehow;made to livethere, in the centre, with all the otherweights & colours somehow depending on it - she saw her picturelike a cathedral, whose walls: the were all all held together withwasperfectlyshoring it up, until the whole structure, became beautifully poised,?a ?for all its in weight, had a glowed & light Beautiful & bright?colourwith on the surface one w it was to be within so that it???hazelooked as if a breath would blow ruffle the int colours yellows & golds & bluesit was to be clamped together with bolts of iron.Directlyshe took herbrush inher handThe little ?pleasures & comforts & anxieties of the real world fell from her.Here success was not personal, nor fleeting: all was done in solitudewith effort & here directly she took her brush in her hand. shefelt face & ?colour & limbs fall from her, shrivelled up; sheVerly Very likely she would be scorched alive, & nothing left of her -that was her feeling. It was an awful effort & risk; && all the no one to know either, if she failed, or survived: judgesthere were none; yet, inevitably, she herself would read herfate, much more clearly here ?than; would measure herselfagainst a rule whose wishes were marked indelibly.So, with her brush laden she beganto read the precariousmaze, the dance of line & colour, which, as it went daringlysensitively with acuteover the canvas, call up moreintensely than at other timesfigures, groups, scenes: wentfetched flickered an illumination across the sky, evenas if her brain con the invisible words suddenly became plain.