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209211notWell, if Cam would not speak to him, he would bother her, no more,thought Mr. Ramsay.But she would speak to him, if she could think of anything, firm &fierce, & disinterested, loyal to the compact, yet just to the hisdemand he made; & yet his integrity, his truthfulness - for, shethought, looking stealthily at her brother, who kept his eyesdispassionately on a certain spot in the ?su curve of the sail,now, & then looked aside at the grey tower of the lighthouse,you're are free; from his you're not exposed to a pressure whichshe felt it - to this curious pressure, she meant thisFor all hisattractionbeaten ashe yextraordinary temptation; She could For nothing could be more no oneattracted her more than this strange old man. His hands were beautiful; &his strong, shapely feet. His voice was beautiful, & his words. HeAbove all, his haste & his fervour; his oddity; his ridiculousness; hisextremeburning energy; & his remoteness; & his But what remainedhe wasbeautiful; hewas eintolerable, & would forever indicate as with the suddenlyraising, unknown to himself, of an arm, upright, & monitory, &enough to quell the stormiest passion of her heart,was was his intolerable arrogance, his irrademand upon her, upon James, upon the whole world perhaps; Submit to me.So she would not say.