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208209James thought,Suddenly, as if she gave up the struggle, her eyes wouldhada flash of blue, he could remember; & then tyranny triumphed.from eyessuddenlyraised &laughing;He called his mother 'they'; & the conqueror, for so he always sawhis father, demanding, taking, making off again, content,marched off the shore

He watched her critically; gazing back at the shore; & herfather waited; & He She would give way, as they all did, he judged.But she went on looking back; tragically;But not quite intheir way. Nnot as they had done;His motherFor withfor onething,Cam being, so ignorant, & like them all at the beginning of asingle out from ?a- how should he put it - what one word could describe theinfinite series of impressions which time had laid down,leaf upon leaf, fold upon fold, on his in his brain -impressions of sights & sounds, of scents, & wh voices, of dressesrustling, of bracelets tinkling, & the white underside of leaves, of thewash & hush of the waves - all of which had he done theirpart in making them as how should he single out from all this,& the impressions which had fallen on him, on h & on her too,he supposed, from childhood - scents, & sounds, & voices passing,& the tap of broom overhead & the wash & hush of the sea ataccumulating, seemed to wash roundnight, which& something the monuments composed out of suchfrivolities, batt great figures, like pyramids or kings statues,dominating a desert, standing sentinel in their lives, thehis mother, his father, & the figures of friends too, like old Mr.Carmichael, like Minta Doyle & Paul Rayley; symbols of?whose ?hearts were hid &humanity, giant shapes in which were hid the myriadmyriadtinypeople,varieties of the race;& all this experience, which they hadhad made them different;shared, made them different now: gave them a softness, asolidity; something that turned the edge of the blade; &where they the old would have looked down & up, & ?pitiedshe, Cam, sat dabbling her fingers in the water, & staringback. That they at the shore.