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205203But Cam could not see the house. She was shortsighted, like hermother.AlsoShe looked in the wrong direction.This annoyed Mr. Ramsayhesee the house;it annoyed him that she could not;Mr. Ramsay wished her to see the exact spot where the house wasparticularlyabout placesbecause he liked accuracy; because, too, after his outburst, he whosethe extravagance of which he always regretted, he wished that toemoextrawas distasteful to him, he wished to recover himself by an additionalsanity: because, finally, consistent, inviolable, powerful beyond any otheremotion, was his desire to anchor his childrens minds, in the waste &turmoil of life upon some rock.It was distressing that hisYetCamdaughter did not know the points of the compass.[?]Laughing, teasing, scolding, urging&&& ?urghe discovered that she did notknow at all: was that west, was that north?Cam did not know, James thought, was sure of that. She did not care,either. [At anyrate she was not going to own up to him.ownshow either that she knew or that she cared.] Her brightvague eyes gazed & ag gazed - & at last Mr. Ramsay dropped?thoughthis hand, & faced the problemwhich what should he say to her?How should he approach her?How should he control this his hand &his voice & his ?face, & all the obedient ?now quickly formingshaping obediently gesticulating forms who had been with himthese seventy years now? How should he dodge thatmaking himIn a In a world where the only desirable thing wasHetruth. It humiliated him to be so easily put out of the truthway of truth. They judged him.made to gesticulate. HeThey judged him:was humiliatingBut he was old, worn, tired: true,.Ah, he would not gesticulate. He would find something to say.,

How was the puppy unhappy, left alone. "Who was goingto take it out today?" he asked her. & Jamesthought pitilessly, now she will give way. NowI shall be left alone to carry out my the vow - which was toHe had sworn it in the garden when he was a child: to resist