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229191[?]to such a heat of illusionthat its fire light glowedupon the landscape & made hersee the wha the drawingroomsteps & the wall & the hedge in some a illusory, yet apparentlysuch [?]Everlasting & undeniable rel relationshipwhere they themselves were openly & freely a expressed.As the mouth ?drew Her mind ?How could she doubt it?She was extended, & freed; & she became all fire herself.She had passedIt the she was cut loose fromtheties of life; she enjoyed that intensity & freedom of lifewhich, for a few seconds after the death of the body, oneimagines the souls of the dead to enjoy: one imagines thenthat they have gathered themselves together & canthey become, for those moments, how infinitely inten&complete & forcible with the force of an organismwhich is now at last able to unite all its powers.

Some mystic ideaExcursions It was attended, too,with an emotion, which could be compared only with thegratification of hum bodily human love.unhesitatingly, without fear or reserve, at some momentionof culminating,whenall separation is over, except thatwhich isfinal delight of separation - that it can be hasbodiesconsciousness of mixing - the two people unite;the human love has its gratification.But that, even,was less complete than this; for who can deny it?Even while the arms are locked, or the sentence married in theair with complete understanding, a cloud moves acrossthe sky; & in each lover knows, but cannot confess,his knowledge of the transience of all love: themutability of love: how tomorrow comes; how they?theywords other kisses.&But & they are onlytossed together & nothing survives.

But here, since the lover was the horribleformidable enemy - space - their union, could it be achieved,was immortal.No cloud moved, in that landscape; nodeath came nowhere, between them.It was an awfulmarriage; & forever.So,