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227187But h But bulk & mass, the line of the house central going so, the line of thegoingimposed themselves on herhedge so made it the imposed their laws on her.stared out at her. We are your sl masters; Your allegiance is to us,seemed to saythey said. And so she could only watch Mrs. Ramsay going, watchMrs. Ramsay coming back, figure to herself, wonderingly, the&how she was led to ?ca these ?journey instinctivelythe kind ofinstinct within, of her, how she was inspired tothere was within her a natural instinct like the swallows for thesouth; like the artichoke for the sun - Lily could find noimage for that natural instinct, which turning her to thesufferings & human race, making her seek her nest in its heart.Could she have stood painting with a woman dying,; a woman?needing sheets, or to her bed, or food? ?There was always a womandying. Misery prevailed Such foothold as they had won (herself &the Ramsays) was only a bare standing place, & all roundthem Lily herself stood painting. Mrs. Ramsay crossed thewhat she did tothat was her method of helping the dying woman, shereflected; she had painted twenty dozen pictures, most of whichwere scraped, cut up, painted over, given away, shamefacedly, orhung in the servants bedroom. Still it was her only anoffering that too; obedience to an instinct which commanded hertooto bring out the a commanding, an overwhelming instinctWho could tell which was best? orNever mind. It was in obedience to an instinct, a commanding, anoverwhelming instinct.It is not we that have made ourselves -some such thought as that fortified her againstOne had no choice.Moreover, explain it who could, she believed that shereached the same point by painting these sincerepictures of hersthat werestacked beneath sofas or occasionally camein for a wordof praise,not for the right qualities,from critics, werebe her best somehow an attempt tosolve the effort to reduce chao chaos to order, to